There are many career options for students with a BS in Automotive Technology. Results from the last graduate survey indicated that 91% of graduates had accepted a full-time job offer by graduation. The average starting salary was $69k with the highest starting salary of $100k. Companies ranged from automotive manufacturers, such as Porsche, Stellantis, Ford, and Toyota; to the Heavy-Duty industry, such as Cummins and Navistar; even rail transportation industries, such as BNSF. Some graduates accepted offers from suppliers, such as ZF.

The employment potential with a BS in Automotive Technology is almost endless. The following lists common positions:

  • Technical Assistance
  • Service Procedure Development/Improvement
  • Diagnostic Procedure Development/Improvement
  • Field Diagnostic and Service Support
  • Serviceability of Vehicles and Systems
  • Production and Assembly Quality Control
  • After Sales Reliability/Quality Improvement
  • Diagnostic Equipment Development/Support
  • Service Tool Development/Support
  • Customer Technical Support
  • Technician
  • Vehicle Purchasing/Acquisition
  • Vehicle Scheduling/Assignment
  • Maintenance/Repair Scheduling
  • Component/Support Procurement
  • Program/Operating Procedure Development
  • Vehicle Remarketing/Sales
  • Customer Support
  • Third Party Logistics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • High School Technology Instructor
  • Community College Automotive Instructor
  • Corporate Technical Trainer
  • Corporate Automotive Business Operations Trainer
  • Curriculum Developer
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Instructional Designer/Writer
  • Technical Author
  • Service Manual Author
  • Owner’s Manual Author
  • Training Management
SIU Graduates that are now Ford Field Service Engineers during a meeting at the Chicago Auto Show, 2024

Info sessions

Lana Rizzo is the program’s Career Coordinator. Throughout each semester, various companies visit the campus to share employment opportunities with the students through evening info sessions. These are arranged and organized in a “School of Automotive Calendar.” These companies often hold interviews at the TEC for internships and full-time employment. The program also sends emails out to the students through a listserv with employment and internship opportunities. Current students are entered into the listserv, so it’s important to consistently check your email!