Program Info

Thank you for your interest in our Automotive Technology program at SIU. This page will outline the admissions process, what we have to offer, what to expect when you are here, and how much it will cost.

Our program is designed to provide an educational environment for students to acquire the professional, research, and technical skills necessary for success in the automotive and related industries. Once you complete the program requirements, you will receive a Bachelor of Science Degree from SIU in Automotive Technology. The degree provides theoretical and practical hands-on application of knowledge through a combination of automotive technical courses, business/management courses, along with computing and communication courses.

Bachelor of Science in Automotive Technology

Whether you are an incoming freshman or a transfer student from another school, the road to a bachelor’s degree in automotive technology is found in our Program of Study. Consider this document the road map to navigate your studies at SIU. In this document, you’ll notice that a four-year degree includes 39 credit hours from the University Core and 81 credit hours from the Major courses for a grand total of 120 credit hours. Students typically take 15 credit hours per semester (8 total semesters) to satisfy the 120-credit hour requirement. Students may decide to take additional classes during the semester and take summer classes to graduate early or add a minor to the degree.

University Core courses build foundation skills through math, communication, and English courses and it explores disciplinary studies in the fine arts, health, humanities, science, and social science as well as multicultural diversity.

Major Courses account for 81 credit hours and include automotive technical, management, computing, and communication courses. Students have the option to take some business and management courses from the business school if desired.

If you are a transfer student or if you have some college coursework complete through your high school, some of these Core course requirements may have been completed at your previous institution.


While a bachelor’s degree in automotive technology might be the student’s chosen “major,” students may also choose to add a minor or certificate to their degree. Minors and certificates show an emphasis on a certain topic or field of study. For example, a student may opt for the “Advanced Vehicle Systems and Diagnostics Minor” by taking an additional six credit hours of technical courses. Or the student may choose the “Automotive, Truck, and Equipment Management Minor” by taking an additional three credit hours of management courses. Minors and certificates are completely optional, but if you are interesting, review the last page of the program of study to learn more about minors and certificates.

Admissions Process

To secure admission into the Automotive Technology program, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the application for admission to the University
  2. Request admission into the Automotive Technology program by stating that Automotive Technology is their intended major on the University application (note: there is no secondary application specific to the Automotive program).
  3. Once admitted to the University, applicants are placed in the Automotive Technology Applicant Pool for secondary review.
  4. Notification of program admission decisions will be delivered via postal mail to the address provided on the application.

Early action admission – Individuals admitted to SIUC and placed into the fall semester applicant pool by November 1 will be evaluated for Early Action Admission to the program. Applicants will receive an early decision of admission or deferral of decision shortly after November 1. An Early Action decision allows accepted students several benefits such as:

  • Applicants get the best chance for admission to the nation’s premier automotive technology program.
  • Accelerate your scholarship applications. December 1 is the SIUC General Scholarship application deadline. Many industry scholarships also look very highly upon SIUC Automotive students. Knowing that you are joining the SIUC Automotive family is a great plus on these applications!
  • Get a jump-start on planning for your transition to SIUC. Planning for items such as financial aid, housing, and new student orientation can get rolling early.
  • It is great to know before the end of your fall semester that you are going to become a Saluki!

Fall Rolling Admission Review – After the Early Action Admission review, all additional applicants will
be reviewed at the beginning of each calendar month except for January. Individuals selected for entry
into the Automotive Technology program are notified shortly after the review selection date.
Individuals not selected at that time will remain in the Automotive Technology Applicant Pool and
automatically re-evaluated during the subsequent review period. The selection process continues until
the program reaches capacity for freshmen and transfer students, or up until the start of fall semester.
Advancement to the next review period will stop and individuals remaining in the Automotive
Technology Applicant Pool are notified of their various options.

Spring Admission Review – Applicants for spring entry will be reviewed at the beginning of October,
November, and December.

On-Campus Housing

Living Learning Community (LLC)

Students living on campus have the option to reside in the Automotive Technology – Living Learning Community (LLC). Here, students have the opportunity to join a co-ed community of diverse student residents with similar interests.

The LLC provides students the opportunity to interact with faculty, participate in programs that bridge the gap between coursework and friendship, enjoy a strong feeling of connection to the campus community, and have a shared Living/Learning experience with other students who have similar interests and goals.

Automotive Technology LLC is available to students majoring in Automotive Technology.  Move-in is just the beginning of the connections between the Auto Tech department and the students living in the LLC. Programs are regularly offered on internships, scholarships, new developments, technology in the automotive industry, and more. In addition to these programs, Automotive LLC also has a training room equipped with a workbench, tools, electrical training boards, and various vehicle components such as an engine. This room allows students to study and practice multiple diagnostic procedures. It also helps build a mentoring partnership between students learning a subject and those already passing it. Our learning never stops.

  • For Housing contracting and room selection information, contact:
  • For general LLC questions, contact:
    • Residence Education Office – 618-453-3889


Cost to attend

The cost to attend SIU varies depending on housing choices and meal plan choices. Whether you are planning on staying on campus or off campus, you can review the cost comparison document to estimate costs or you can use the tuition calculator to get a more accurate estimated cost of attending SIU. The cost comparison document is an easy way to estimate costs, but the tuition calculator considers age, income, and tax information to calculate a more precise estimate of education costs. Also, please apply for scholarships to help offset costs.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA)

Complete the federal government’s FASFA application to ensure you qualify for potential grants, scholarships, work-study funds, and loans.


Each year, the SIUC Automotive Technology Department awards thousands of dollars of scholarships provided by manufacturers, endowments, and friends of the program. The University has streamlined applications to all SIU based scholarships through an undergraduate scholarship portal. Please apply for scholarships through this portal.

Also, consider applying for scholarships available outside of SIU. See the External Scholarship List for a listing of various other scholarships.