Requests of Industry

Assistance from the industry helps us provide relevant and up-to-date training for our students and your future employees. With over 300 students in the program, 15+ faculty teaching 36+ classes, the program needs many vehicles, components, and tools to function effectively, efficiently, and properly.

We are requesting vehicle and component donations that address current technology. The donations do not have to be new or undamaged. We will graciously accept damaged and warrantee components or vehicles that were bought back or damaged. In fact, some of the instructors would rather have warrantee components to show real-world wear and use. The following is a priority list of vehicles and components that address our greatest need. Thank you for your consideration!!

Vehicles with the following technology

  • Any Electric or Hybrid vehicle
  • Any ADAS equipped vehicle
  • Vehicles with advanced communication networks, such as ethernet, CAN FD, or Flexray
  • GM truck with 8-speed transmission
  • Ford vehicle with 10-speed transmission
  • Stellantis vehicle with ZF transmission 8HP and/or 9HP

Components for overhaul or demonstration

  • Nissan (Jatco) 9-speed transmission
  • 2024 Jatco CVT
  • Any EV or PHEV component, including batteries, charge port/door accessories, electric motors, inverters, charge controllers, heat pumps, PTC heaters, DC/DC converters
  • Common rear axle assemblies
  • Manual transmissions and transaxles

Equipment, tools, subscriptions

  • ADAS equipment from OE and aftermarket vendors
  • Above ground vehicle lifts
  • Tire changers
  • On-the-car brake lathe
  • OE scan tools for Toyota
  • OE service subscription for Toyota
  • OE Nissan scan tool
  • OE Subaru scan tool
  • OE VW scan tool